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Living in air-conditioned rooms frees the body from the extra effort of adjusting itself to an aggressive environment
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Telefon: 0234-517016
Address: Bacau, Str.Tolstoi,14
              (inside the Rustrans yard)

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| Our company does:

  • Installation of air conditioning systems: chillers, ducted and terminal units
  • Installation of round (SPIRO) and square (P3) air ducts
  • Installation of ventilation systems: air handling units, fans, fresh air intake units, electric heating batteries
  • Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning for restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, conference halls, clubs, warehouses, office buildings, stores
  • Consultancy, planning, installation, service, instruction of the beneficiary's personnel
  • Periodic check-ups on chillers, ducts, air conditioners
  • Insulated and non-insulated ACR copper piping for air conditioning
  • Installation of grilles and vents
  • Air conditioning units from White Westinghouse, Inventor, Citizen, SHARP
  • Ducted units, chillers, cassettes, terminal units, air handling and ventilation units
  • Baterii de incalzire electrice, circulare si rectangulare
  • Electric heating batteries, round and square
  • Flexible round tubing, insulated and non-insulated
  • Round SPIRO tubing, special purpose parts, elbows, dampers, accessories
  • Square P3 tubing
  • Heat pumps: air-water, ground-water, ground-ground
  • Solar vacuum tubes and flat plate
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Installation of solar and photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, heat pumps

| Featured work:

  • George Bacovia University, Bacau - air conditioning units, tubing alteration
  • SFERA SRL building, Vasile Alecsandri, Bacau - ducts and tubing
  • VILLA BORGHESE restaurant, Bacau - air handling unit, P3 ducts
  • First floor of BAR PARC, Bacau - air handling unit, chiller, P3 ducts
  • G4S Cash Securities, Bacau - column Inventor unit
  • Interamal Distribution Group Srl, Roman - chiller, cassette terminal units
  • Iulius Mall Cluj, first floor - Hanul Dacilor - P3 tubing
  • Private Dining Bacau (SC Complex Food SRL) - ventilation and air conditioning units
  • Onofrei Ion, Bacau - solar panels
  • Arena Mall Bacau, S. Oliver store - square P3 tubing
  • El Paso, Falticeni - P3 tubing, duct, ventilation
  • Directia de Educatie Fizica si Sport Bacau - duct, P3 tubing, air conditioning units
  • Club Acapulco - P3 tubing, ducts, ventilation
  • Club Obsession Cluj- tubing, ventilation, ducts
  • Restaurant Phoenix Bacau - ventilation, cassette-type air conditioners
  • Consum Coop Roman - P3 tubing, York ducts
  • DalTrade Roman - Pizzeria Hera - ducts, P3 tubing
  • Disco Shock Suceava - SPIRO tubing, duct
  • Subantrepriza Termo Invest, Bacau Cartodrome, George Bacovia Theatre - P3 tubing, equipment installation
  • Roman Mall, Tera Center store - installation of hvac equipment
  • Club XXI Mamaia - P3 tubing
  • Rustrans Bacau - P3 tubing, air conditioners
  • Lee Cooper Satu Mare- tubing and equipment