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A trai in incaperi prevazute cu aer conditionat (climatizare) scuteste organismul de eforturi suplimentare in fata unui mediu inconjurator agresiv
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Telefon: 0234-517016
Adresa: Bacau, Str.Tolstoi,14
              (incinta Rustrans)

certificat iso srac certificat iso iqnet



  • 8 models from 2kW to 13.9kW (2 pipes, 2 pipes/2wires)
  • 4 models from 1.97kW to 14kW (4 pipes)
  • On 2 pipe system, fan coil units are factory mounted with a 2 row main coil or optional 3 row coil supplying higher capacity
  • On 4 pipe system, fan coil units can be factory mounted with a 2 or 3 row main coilplus 1 row auxiliary heating coil
  • Power supply: 230V-50Hz ALTERNATIF
  • 4 versions
  • Ease of installation
  • Streamlined design and elaborate finish enabling harmonious integration
  • Air flow rate between 150 and 1500m 1500m3/h
  • Series of 2 pipes, 2 pipes/2 wires and 4 pipes
  • 4 versions, lightened, on chassis, flush-mountable
  • 5-speed motor
  • Very low operating sound levels
  • Aquanet electronic regulation as an accessory
  • EUROVENT certified