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A trai in incaperi prevazute cu aer conditionat (climatizare) scuteste organismul de eforturi suplimentare in fata unui mediu inconjurator agresiv
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Telefon: 0234-517016
Adresa: Bacau, Str.Tolstoi,14
              (incinta Rustrans)

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| Modular Air Cooled...

Modular Air Cooled Scroll Chillers - R410a

  • Flexible main module patent, any unit can be set as main module just by connected with wired controller.
  • High efficient heat operation even in low temperature and high humidity thanks to real time intelligent defrost mode and gas discharging feed-through structure.
  • Modular operation optional, up to 16 units (62.5,71.5kW) 8 units (125,143kW) can be integrated.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to gapless modular design.
  • Multi compressor paralleling technology to guarantee longer usage life.
  • Completed safeties.
  • Quiet mode available.
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to unique structural design.
  • Saving installation space by 35% compared to conventional design.
  • Throttling controlled by electronic expansion valve, more accurate and rapid.
  • Wide ambient range ensures stable operation in extreme climate.

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