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Living in air-conditioned rooms frees the body from the extra effort of adjusting itself to an aggressive environment
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     Our mission is to fully satisfy our customers by offering them quality services and products, all in a courteous manner and at competitive prices. We like to believe that our reputation truly lies in the quality of our services and products.

     Our clients generally appreciate expedience and courteousy. Although we know how difficult it is to be both good mannered and expedient at the same time, we still consider these to be our mission.

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Since 2000 we've been offering:

  • air-conditioner installation
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • consultancy
  • planning and drafting
  • training
  • service, warranty and post-warranty

We install any split air conditionig unit that you purchased in a store

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Telephone: 0234-517016
Address: Bacau, Str.Tolstoi,14
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